Las Vegas Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Rachael Pecoraro

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“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it”

As a lifelong athlete, Rachael has always had a passion for fitness and helping others. She began her college education in Physical Fitness before being inspired to change majors to Criminal Justice.

She knew her background as a cross country runner would not be of much help in the police academy, so she changed focus and began building her muscular structure. Building her body up helped her to excel in the training academy, and she eventually became a physical fitness and combat trainer for federal law enforcement.

It was during her law enforcement career that her passion for teaching fitness classes and nutrition was reignited. Now, Rachael is a certified Las Vegas personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and weight management coach. Rachael is a Level I CrossFit coach and has also taught women’s self-defense in Germany and actively competes in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions.  She is an International Elite level powerlifter holding 5 national records in the United States Powerlifting Association.

Rachael uses the Poliquin BioSignature method in her nutrition coaching. This system allows Rachael to customize meal plans for each individual by allowing her to identify hormone imbalances associated with problem weight loss areas such as belly fat. Her knowledge allows her to identify which foods and lifestyle changes can get an individual to their weight loss and muscle gain goals quickly and safely.

“Believe me, there are days when I wake up sore, tired, not motivated to workout or even step in the gym but then I remember what my goals are and where I want to be and I push through it. I know it’s not always easy, I and get it! At some point you need to look deep inside and find that reason you get up every single day. Ask yourself “What is your Why?”

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Certifications and Accomplishments

  • Cooper Institute Personal Training Certification
  • Cooper Institute Group Fitness Certification
  • Cooper Institute Weight Management Coach
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • ACE Personal Training Cert
  • ACE FIT Model Training
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Poliquin BioSignature Modulation 
  • Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor
  • 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Women’s Bodybuilding-1stPlace
  • 2013 NPC Max Muscle Women’s Bodybuilding-1stPlace
  • 2013 NPC Athlete of the Month-March
  • 2014 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Women’s Bodybuilding-1stPlace
  • 2014 NPC Mr./Ms. Buffalo Women’s Bodybuilding-1stPlace
  • 2014 NPC Emerald Cup Women’s Bodybuilding-2nd Place
  • 2014 NPC The Metropolitan Women’s Bodybuilding-1stPlace
  • 2014 NPC USAs Women’s Bodybuilding-3rdPlace
  • 2015 NPC USAs Women’s Bodybuilding-3rdPlace
  • 2017 USPA Desert Rampage Women Open Powerlifting-1stPlace, State Record Holder
  • 2017 IPL Worlds Women Open Powerlifting-3rdPlace, 1003 lbs 
  • 2018 USPA LA Fit Expo Women Open Powerlifting-1stPlace, 1003 lbs
  • 2018 USPA Vegas Winter Expo-Bench Only 1stPlace, Tied National Record, State Record Holder
  • 5 Time USPA National Record Holder

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