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“A happy healthy lifestyle pours into everything you do.”

In 2017 my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. As I researched this type of cancer and watched her go through surgery and chemo, I started evaluating my life and how unhealthy I was living. To be brutally honest it scared me and I told myself that this is not how I wanted to live. I was overweight, depressed, had no self-esteem, and was pretending that it didn’t bother me but it did. Deeply. So I made the decision to change. 

I started with nutrition coaching and walked to the kickboxing gym that was next to my work. They were offering a free class, so I scheduled it for that night at 6 pm. Nervous and thinking I cant do this, I’m too fat, and Ill gas out, I went to the class. My concerns were real, and I did gas out, but I loved it! 

All my anger and self doubt started to disappear with every class so I went everyday. I remember after 3 months I had lost 30 pounds and a group of woman approached me and said “you look amazing and we want you to know, you inspire us and make us work harder.” I knew right then and there, this is for me. 

I am now down 65 lbs and have been lifting weights 5 times a week.  Kickboxing and fitness have become major priorities in my life and I want to help others achieve happy, healthy lives by showing them if that I can do it, you can do it.

“If your body is strong, your mind is strong. Do the work and get the results.”

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